A lot of mechanical clocks these days have been converted into electric operation. This negates the need for weekly winding and keeps perfect time. We do this very sympathetically by fitting a small electric synchronous motor and relevant timing pulleys onto the escape wheel, driven by a small timing belt. A slightly larger 1/4 HP motor along with 8mm sprockets and chain is used to drive the Striking Train. Feedback to the Striking Control Unit (for Striking/ Chiming Clocks) is controlled by small micro switches fitted to the original existing cams that would have originally been used by the mechanical Clock. The Striking Control Unit can be programmed to local requirements to allow a night time silencing period or can be switched to allow the bells to ring continuously through out the night. It also has an in-built facility that comes as standard which starts up the Clock at the correct time following a power interruption. A switch can be mounted at a convenient location to allow the person to set the time and strike on the Clock for the BST/GMT  changeovers.


Mechanical Clocks

Not everyone wants their Clock to be converted to electric for historical reasons. We can restore and put back to perfect working order any type of mechanical Clocks.

Dial Restoration, Hands, Hammers and Levers

These items usually take most of the elements as they are up and around the Bell  Tower   which  is   exposed  mostly through  the  louvre   windows.  Usually 


they are removed from site and bead-blasted back to bare metal, primed, undercoated and glossed with exterior metal paint. They are re-fitted with new fixings and connected with new wire rope and galvanised S Hooks and Bulldog Clamps. Removing and re-hanging the Bells is a specialised task and is something we do not do.

Servicing Clocks

We offer to carry out an annual service visit to your Clock. This includes all the points listed below.  


  • Clean off dirt and debris

  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check electric motors for noisy bearings, replenish oil in gearboxes
  • Check security of Weights, Weight pulleys and Wire ropes
  • Check Bell Hammers, Bell ropes, Reversing Levers, lubricate where possible
  • Check and lubricate Dial motionworks
  • Check free movement of Clock Hands
  • Check and synchronise time on Dials
  • Check and synchronise time shown on Dials with Chime/Strike
  • Check and report/remedy faults with Dial illumination (Time switches, Photocells, Lamps, Fluorescent tubes)
  • Note and report any cracked glass Astragals in Dials
  • Note and report any general Building defects to appropriate authority e.g. 
    • Ingress of water
    • Entry of birds
    • Faulty access lighting
    • Defective access steps or ladders


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